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                 While taking a routine vandalism report at an elementary school, I was interrupted by a little girl about 6 years old. Looking up and down at my uniform, she asked, "Are you a cop?" Yes," I answered and continued writing the report. "My mother said if I ever needed help I should ask the police. Is that right? "Yes, that's right," I told her. "Well,
then, "she said as she extended her foot toward me, "would you please tie my shoe?"


May 6 – 9, 2014 – recording 1:00 to 9:00, daily
Host hotel and venue: Sawmill Creek Resort in beautiful Huron, Ohio -- 400 Sawmill Creek Dr, Huron, OH

Tickets for the event can be purchased through the RFD-TV website: or by calling: (402) 991 – 6290.  Tickets are $20.00 a day, and $60.00 for a 4-day pass.  For hotel reservations, at Sawmill Creek Resort, call (419) 433 – 3800.

Do you want to play your instrument on TV for millions of viewers to see?  Join the Mollie B Jam Band." We are inviting all musicians to join SqueezeBox for 3 songs on Wednesday and 3 songs on Friday.  We will be releasing the songs and keys soon.

Do you want to be a featured artist with Mollie B's SqueezeBox (band) and play right next to her on stage in front of millions of viewers at home??  Then, take a chance and audition for the “Mollie B Polka Idol” contest.  We are inviting musicians to audition for the “Mollie B Idol” contest.  Registrations must be submitted at or at the Tuesday taping.  The competition is Wednesday morning and the winner plays a song with SqueezeBox during the Wednesday taping.  There will be a second competition on Friday morning with the winner playing with SqueezeBox during the Friday taping.

Tuesday, May 6:
SqueezeBox – 1:00
The Casuals – 2:00
Mike Surrat & the Continentals – 3:00
Tom Mroczka and the Music Box – 4:00
Jay Fox & the Bavarian Showtime Band – 5:00
George Staiduhar – 6:00
Bob Kravos & the Boys in the Band -7:00
Frank Moravcik – 8:00

Wednesday, May 7:
Mollie B Jam Band (bring your instruments) – 1:00
SqueezeBox with "Mollie B Polka IDOL"- 1:15pm
SqueezeBox - 1:30pm
Virgil Baker – 2:00
Mahoning Valley Button Box Club – 3:00
4:00 Band – to be announced
Button Box Divas – 5:00
Joshua Kay with Fred Ziwich & his ISM – 5:30pm
Fred Ziwich & his ISM – 5:45
Deutscher Musik Verein – 7:00
New Brass Express – 8:00

Thursday, May 8:
John Gora & Gorale – 1:00
Ed Guca with John Gora & Gorale – 2:00
Bavarian Inn’s Linda Lee & the Golden-Aires – 2:30
Jack Tady Band – 3:30
Don Wojtila Band – 4:30
Klancnik and Friends – 6:00
Alex Meixner – 7:30

Friday, May 9:
Mollie B Jam Band (bring your instruments) – 1:00
SqueezeBox with "Mollie B Polka IDOL"- 1:15pm
SqueezeBox - 1:30pm
Skovenski Band – 2:00
Buffalo Concertina All Stars – 3:00
Phocus – 4:00
The Rheingold Band – 5:00
Henny & the VersaJs – 6:00
Jimmy K & Ethnic Jazz – 7:00
Dick Tady Orchestra – 8:00

Attendees will get a front row seat as over 20 bands take the stage during the duration of the event. Guests will also get the opportunity to show off their dancing skills and potentially see themselves on national TV during the airing of the Mollie B Polka Party program on RFD-TV.

The venue is no stranger to personality as well. Sawmill Creek Resort offers many unique and exciting features, including a 500 acre nature preserve, indoor and outdoor pools, Tom Fazio championship golf course. With four restaurants on site, visitors are sure to find a cuisine that fits their taste buds. The Mollie B Polka Party will be taking place in the onsite exquisite ballroom, Wilderness Hall. Visitors interested in staying overnight may make accommodations by calling reservations line at (419) 433 – 3800 and using the code: “Mollie B Polka Party.”

We hope to see you all soon!
Mollie B & Ted Lange


Another Gary & Leon video


Check out this video from the Bird Island Polkafest




Chuck Thiel's Grandson Jacob's First Live Performance

By the way, that's his THREE-year-old brother Noah next to him. Both boys know when for and vocal parts come in and out and know words to many of the songs. Ken, Myron and Leon have been great with them.

Both boys are tentatively set to join Jason and me from 2:00-5:00, Saturday, August 24 in the Stiftungsfest Beer Garden at Young America.




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Polka Time @ the Gibbon Ballroom


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